The Archbishop of York sends his blessing to Jan Telensky

Archbishop of York


Dr Jan Telensky receives recognisition from Buckingham Palace

The Duke of York writes:
Buckingham Palace

Dr Jan Telensky is a proud supporter of Francis House

Francis HouseAs well as being a proud support,  Dr Telensky invites all readers to click on the image above and also become a supporter of this children’s hospice.

Francis House2Please give generously
Thank you
Dr Jan Telensky

Business News Hub at

Business News Hub

As part of our strategy of finding high quality news for readers, the team have now added a specific Business News Hub, for you. It can be found at

A new Trades Jobs Service

Dear Visitor
Another new service has been launched to assist those specifically looking for work in the Construction industry, good luck with any application you make. Complimentary service for those interested in Charities

Dear Visitor

We are proud to launch a Charity Specific service for those keen to find out more about Charity news

We trust this is of help to you


Dear Visitor

Launching With the help of my online Digital Media Team we have been able to launch a new service sharing the news that excites me – I hope you enjoy it.